Border Collies at Work

When one thinks of the ‘work’ of a Border Collie, naturally herding livestock is what springs to mind. Border Collies were bred solely for use as a herding dog and Adam Telfer bred his dogs for just such a purpose. 32049_115690565136811_100000876054412_84888_264462_n A Border Collie, in it’s usual role as a Sheepdog

Of course, apart from being the most successful herding dogs of all time, they are also very capable of working in many other roles. With their supreme intelligence, and physical prowess, they make exceptional Search & Rescue Dogs (SAR) 397770_153104998171298_1425288955_nLee Ferry, with SARDA Dog ‘Bracken’ (now retired)This photo was taken on Bracken’s last day as a SARDA dog after many years of Service in Northumberland

If you’ve ever wondered what a huge effect Border Collies have had on the way you live today, check out this video:

There are many other roles, the Collie performs exceptionally well at, including: Therapy Dogs, Police Sniffer Dogs and ‘Seeing’ Dogs:



(of course, even a Border Collie can get it wrong sometimes)