Wiston’s Cap

No website about Border Collie Sheepdogs would be complete without mention of one of the most famous Border Collies of all time… Wiston’s Cap. From 1965, the name of Wiston Cap was on every sheepman’s lips. Wiston Cap had a great influence in the breeding of Border Collies and he probably mated more bitches than any other dog before or since (it’s a dog’s life, but someone has to do it).

In every respect, he is a collie blue-blood; a great grandson of Whitehope Nap, back through Kirk’s Nell, Wilson’s Cap, Dickson’s Hemp to Herdman’s Tommy – Wiston Cap arrived on the sheepdog scene almost like a saviour. A remarkable example of pedigree breeding to a proven line. A tremendous herding dog, he had a great temperament, was always consistent and believed utterly in the partnership of his master, with whom he had a unique understanding. Born in September 1963, he became the youngest collie ever to win the Supreme Championship in its present form – the Wiston Cap legend had begun.

He is the symbol of the International Sheepdog Society and it is hard to imagine a more deserving dog to hold that title.

Wiston's CapWith thanks to Cynthia McCracken.