The Border Collie as Companion

The Border Collie is extremely intelligent and athletic, and generally considered the most intelligent of all breeds. They can be trained to excel at almost anything where a dog is used.

Although most well known for working livestock, they are also often seen in Search and Rescue roles, as Sniffer Dogs, and as  Cadaver Search Dogs. They are even used to keep birds away from airfields and golf courses.

They often excel in dog sports such as flyball, and frisbee, so much so that dog competitions often have a section for ABC Dogs (Anything BUT Collies).

Border Collies have an average weight of 30-50lbs. Their coat can be either rough (medium to long), or smooth (short). The Border Collie can be seen in many different coat colours, from Blue Merle, Red Merle, Tricolour, Red and White, and Sable. The most common colour, associated with them is of course, black and white.

One of the most distinctive features of the breed is it’s stare (often referred to as ‘Eye’), which the Collie uses to intimidate and control livestock,  forcing them to move by sheer strength of will.

The Border Collie has been bred over many years to become the ultimate livestock herding dog, with it’s prowess coming to prominence with the advent of sheep-herding trials, in which this breed excels.

Collies are NOT suitable pet dogs, in households where they are left alone for long periods of the day. Being an extremely active Dog (both mentally and physically) it is important that potential owners DO THEIR RESEARCH before embarking on ownership of the Collie.

Far too many Border Collies are dumped at Rescue Centres, by people who are under the mistaken Illusion of thinking  that  they are biddable and easily trainable, without any effort on the owners part.

This is quite clearly, not the case!….. If a Collies ‘needs’ are addressed, by a responsible owner however, they will be rewarded with many years of unbridled Joy, in ‘getting to really know, and understand’ this remarkable animal.

You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.  ~Robert Louis Stevenson.

Sophie – Daughter of ‘Meg’ and ‘Bob’…My Soulmate in Fur, and the reason I started this campaign.

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